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cool stuff for big & small kids

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Cool stuff for big & small kids

Big Kid is a collective based in Durban, South Africa. It comprises a small group of artists and artisans. Much of the inspiration behind the work comes from children: playing and mucking around and being a bit bored; and then starting something and working very hard to make it beautiful.


All of the products are eco-friendly and non toxic; made mostly from jesmonite, clay and wool.

Bookends, wall plaques, crochet, illustration, tiles and mosaic

Big Kid Products


Wall Plaques


Mosaic & Tiles



Jessica Nicholson...

studied Fine Art at University of Natal and Durban University of Technology. She also has an English degree and works as a journalist and graphic designer.


Sylvester Dlamini...

is employed full-time by Big Kid. Sylvester makes bookends and wall plaques and helps with crochet.


Joe Dlamini...

is employed part-time by Big Kid. Joe helps with sanding, spray-painting, packaging and driving.


Akhona Dlamini...

(11-years-old) designed our first logo


Beauty Dlamini...

works on crochet commissions


Emmanuel Nkosinathi...

is the best spraypainter in the world. Thanks to the Shaw Sisters for introducing us.


Jack White

(8-years-old) artist


Thea White

(5-years-old) artist






Shoppe - 40 Marriot Road - 083 626 6088

Mooi - 106 Bulwer Road - 084 208 5517



Cape Town:


Stable - 65 Loop Street - 021 426 5094

PresentSpace - 50 Kloofstreet - 082 768 1672

Heartworks - The Old Biscuit Mill - 021 424 8419

                   - The Garden Centre - 021 465 3289

Leg Studios - Salt Circle Arcade - 083 285 4096



Port Elizabeth:


For My Sister - 073 915 3501


+27 (0)82 788 3249

If you'd like to commission any of our work, order some products or have any queries please contact Jess: